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Bodihow Summer Bags League


Bodihow Bags League Rules

Leagues information: Thursday Recreational league

League start: week of May 20th.

League end: week of August 12th (end of regular season). Week of August 19th playoffs

NO games the week of 4th of July

2 person teams, subs are allowed. Must be 21 to participate. $150 is the cost for the season. The team is added to the schedule after them fee is paid. 100% of league fee is returned in cash prizes, GC’s, food and drink.

Regular season matches start at 6:15, 7:00 and 7:45. Each team will play 2 matches per night.

  • 1)      A match is 3 games. Teams play 3 even if one team loses the first 2 games
  • 2)      Games are played to 21 points. On a bust (over 21), the team drops to 13 points. You can only bust once per game. If a team has already busted, they can go over 21 to win the game.
  • 3)      Teams flip a coin to start match. The team that wins the flip, picks their starting positions and throws first. Second team chooses how to match up.
    • a.       2nd game: winning team swaps sides and throws first. The losing team stays but switches sides on the board.
    • b.      3rd game: all players move to other board and the winning team throws first.
  • 4)      Scoring: bag in the hole 3 points, bag on the board 1 point. If the board is lifted and the bag falls, no point. If the bag hit the ground before landing on the board, remove the bag, no point. The score is the difference between the two totals. If Team A scores 7 points and team B scores 5 points, the score for the round would be team A adds 2 points to their total.
  • 5)      You may not step past the front of the board on a throw.
  • 6)      **This is for fun, be kind and have fun** If you have an issue, please contact a staff member and we will work with both teams for a solution.